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17610 Woodinville Snohomish Rd,
Washington 98072




This area of land was previously inhabited by the native Sammamish people long before the Anglo-American settlement.

The foundation of this town started from a couple named Irah and Susan Woodin, who moved here from Seattle. Here, they built a cabin, logged timber and farmed cattle. A couple of years later, a town slowly built up around it. Because of this development, this same lodge became the first school and a post office of this town with Susan Woodin as the postmaster.

Obviously, this town was dubbed “Woodinville” in honor of the couple. Woodinville started as a logging community and eventually developed into a farming center in the 20th century. After the World War II, this town turned into a suburb.

Then finally in March 31, 1993, Woodinville was officially incorporated as a city in King County, Washington.


•Average Temperature: 51.82F

•January – 38.7F (low temperature)

•July – 91.8F (high temperature)

Real Estate and Cost of Living

The average cost for a single family detached home in 2015 was $558,663 and $403,854 for Townhomes or Condo's. The cost of living index for Woodinville in 2016 is 115.1 which is higher than the national US average of 100.

Area and Lifestyle

If you’re planning to move outside of Seattle, the best choice for you is Woodinville. It’s located not that far from downtown and living here is less expensive compared to other neighboring cities like Mercer Island or Bellevue.

The best thing about this place is that there are 90 – yes, ninety wineries located around the city. Too bad if you’re not a wine drinker, but anyway, just imagine trying out different varieties of wine every day! Well, if you’re more into beers, then there are also a couple of breweries found here like the Redhook, Sumerian and Triplehorn.

When it comes to food and dining, there are those local favorites like The Commons, which serves amazing coffee and breakfast plus amazing lunch menu. There’s also the Hollywood Tavern, which is famous for its mouthwatering burgers and booze. At the Herbfarm restaurant, you can order their 9-course meals paired with local wine. Lastly, there’s Purple Caf and Wine Bar.

If, you miss downtown don’t worry, because you can always visit it anytime since it’s just a couple of miles away.

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