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The early individuals possibly arrived approximately 10,000-12,000 years ago in the area and undeniably spent a lot of time in the valleys, close to the rivers and streams. Jamestown, by 1300 BC, was home to plenty of Native Americans. Situated on the island is New England’s biggest Indian cemetery, and relics that span for a period of 3,000 years were retrieved from the site close to the elementary school.

Giovanni Verrazzano, an Italian navigator, had become the early European that is known to visit the Narragansett Bay in 1524, along with his crew. He settled in the area only for a short-time period because he was on an exploration tour and not settlement. The early European settlers and explorers had reported thousands of Narragansett Indians and Wampanoag residing in Narragansett Bay.

In the year 1636 or 1637, the Dutch fur dealers had made a payment to make use the Quentenis Island as their center for activities. The island lies on the west of Conanicut and is a part of Jamestown and known as Dutch Island. In the year 1638, the English settlers had made arrangements to make use of the island of Conanicut to graze sheep. Canonicus was among the Narrangansett sachems who gave permission.

A group of roughly a hundred buyers acquired Gould, Conanicut and Dutch islands in 1657 and split the island of Conanicut into about a dozen huge plots and set aside parts of Conanicut Island and Dutch Island for common utilization. Among the purchasers was Benedict Arnold who became a governor of the Rhode Island colony in that same year and went back to the office in the years 1662-1663, 1669 and 1677. Conanicut Island was incorporated as Jamestown in 1678, paying tribute to Prince James. There were approximately 150 occupants in this town.

Area and Climate

The town of Jamestown lies in Newport County in the state of Rhode Island. It is located just about wholly on the 2nd biggest island in Narrangansett Bay, known as Conanicut Island.

The town receives 45” of rain each year, which is higher than the US average of 37”. It receives 22” of snowfall yearly, which is lower than what an average US city receives every year (25”). Jamestown has 201 sunny days, with July having the highest temperature of about 78 degrees and January having the lowest temperature of 23 degrees.

Real Estate and Cost of Living

The approximate value of a condo or home in 2000 was $218,400 and $483,371 in 2011.

2011’s mean cost for all home units was $762,546, $755,456 for detached homes, $579,013 for 2-unit structures, $3,133,188for 3- to 4-unit structures, and $281,987 for 5-unit structures or more.

The town’s cost of living in March 2012 was 282.7, which is very high than the US average of 100.

Lifestyle and Things to Do

Jamestown has many things to offer to its guests and residents, both by sea and land. Within reach is the Narragansett Bay, having 2 waterfront state parks, marine facilities and a number of waterfront access points for everyone’s use. The seaside village surely has whatever you need and has wine and spirit shops, coffee shops, full-service market, delectable restaurants, artisan and marine shopping, and comfy lounges that certainly makes your trip worthwhile.

Jamestown Newport Ferry provides a picturesque boat trip to Newport Harbor and lower Narragansett Bay and also offers an easy access for you to visit several destinations that give tons of opportunities for museum visits, dining, sightseeing, historical trips, and shopping. Purchasing a round-trip ticket will enable you to hop on and hop off the ferry anytime you want to.

Situated off of Beavertail Road and west Mackerel Cove Beach is the Fort Getty Recreational Area that overlooks the west passage and provides 100 trailer sites and 25 tent sites for the campers. It was utilized for the surveillance and safety of the entry to Narragansett Bay during WWI and WWII. Likewise, the park provides showers, fishing spot, boat ramp, and camper services.




  • Walking & Biking
  • Golf Course
  • Medical Clinics
  • Shopping / Grocery
  • Library
  • Picnic Area
  • Parks & Natural Space
  • Boating
  • Marina


  • Boating & Watersports
  • Beaches
  • Biking
  • Great Dining
  • Art Galleries
  • Great Seafood
  • Shopping
  • Scenic Coastal Drive
  • Fishing
  • Walking
Property/Community Type : Condo
Golf Facility(Within 10 Mile Radius) : Yes
Coastal Area(Within 10 Mile Radius) : Yes
Mountain/foot hills area(Within 10 Mile Radius) : No
Lake Property(Within 10 Mile Radius) : No
College Town(College or University Within 15 Mile Radius) : No
Size of Community/Town(25 Mile Radius Estimated) :
Fitness Facility(Within 2 Mile Radius) : Yes

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