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Keene was granted in the year 1735 by Colonial Gov. Jonathan Belcher as Upper Ashuelot to 63 inhabitants, with each of them paying 5 pounds and whose properties were designated by lot. The town was inhabited after 1736 and was meant to be a fort town that looks after the Province of Massachusetts Bay during French and Indian Wars. When the border line between New Hampshire and Massachusetts was renovated in the year 1741, Upper Ashuelot had become a part of the state of New Hampshire.

Throughout King George’s War, Keene was assailed and burned by the Indians. The colonists left for their safety, but returned to re-construct it in early 1750s. Keene was granted once more in 1753 to its settlers by Gov. Benning Wentworth, with the name Keene that was named after Benjamin Keene, a trader of the West Indies and Spain’s English minister. In 1769, the town became a county seat. The territory was set off for Roxbury and Sullivan, but the town would take possession of 154 acres from Swanzey.

In 20th century, New England manufacturing weakened, especially during Great Depression. At present, the town of Keene is the center of tourism, insurance and education.

Area and Climate

Situated in Cheshire County in the state of New Hampshire, Keene is a town that is home to Antioch University New England and Keene State College and hosts the Pumpkin Festival each year.

It lies in a humid continental weather region and experiences 4 seasons rather clearly. July gets the standard high temperature of 82, but the highest one recorded in town was 102. Just like the other US eastern cities, intervals of high humidity can increase heat indices to almost 110. Summer in Keene may involve thunderstorms coming from the west; however, Green Mountains to the west typically split up a number of storms, so that the town will not experience thunderstorms in full force.

Winter can be cruel in this town. Keen got 112.5 inches of snow in 2002 to 2003, and nearly all snowfalls come from nor’easters, the low pressure areas that move up Atlantic coast and intensify. Snow continues to take place until the end of April, although the 80-degree days on the other end can start late March. The weather during autumn is similar, and significant rains can happen during fall and spring.

Real Estate and Cost of Living

The approximate value of a condo or house in 2000 was $100,800 and $192,138 in 2011.

2011’s mean cost for all housing units was $239,411, $234,002 for townhomes and attached units, $36,163 for mobile homes, $257,462 for detached homes, $223,486 for 2-unit structures, $307,576 for 3- to 4-unit structures, and $1,934,145 for 5-unit structures or more.

The town’s cost of living in March 2012 was 95.1, which is slightly lower than the US average of 100.

Lifestyle and Things to Do

Every year, locals and tourists look forward to the Keene Pumpkin Festival, an event wherein people make an effort to build up the biggest number of jack-o’-lanterns in a single spot to meet or break the world record. The event began in 1991 and had 600 jack-o’-lanterns in the first festival. There were 29,762 pumpkins that lined the streets in 2009.

Another yearly event in the town is the Scarecrows on the Common that takes place on a Saturday of Columbus Day. It consists of games for kids, apple pie baking contest, building of scarecrows, food, art, and a lot more. Then there is the Keene’s Ice and Snow Festival that is organized by Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce. This event takes place in downtown Keene in February of each year. A number of festivities comprise of entertainment, horse-drawn wagon rides, ice art, food, snowball throwing clinic, and fire truck display.




  • Walking & Biking
  • Fitness Facility
  • Golf Course
  • Medical Clinics
  • Shopping / Grocery
  • Library
  • Picnic Area
  • Parks & Natural Space


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Property/Community Type : Condo
Golf Facility(Within 10 Mile Radius) : Yes
Coastal Area(Within 10 Mile Radius) : No
Mountain/foot hills area(Within 10 Mile Radius) : Yes
Lake Property(Within 10 Mile Radius) : No
College Town(College or University Within 15 Mile Radius) : No
Size of Community/Town(25 Mile Radius Estimated) :
Fitness Facility(Within 2 Mile Radius) : Yes

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