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The brick town hall of Lake Bluff, built in 1905, has a view over the village gazebo and green. Recently, its small commercial district was recognized as a historic area by the National Register. Initially established as a Methodist encampment in the late 19th century, the town was modeled after New York’s Chautauqua and Martha Vineyard’s Oak Bluffs as a site for religious meditation, as well as recreation, cultural education and social affairs. Soon after, families from Chicago discovered it to be a suitable waterside getaway from the urban heat. In 1897, Hotel Irving, which can accommodate 500 guests, printed an ad encouraging Chicago businessmen that if they cannot leave with their families, they can bring them to Lake Bluff and spend time with them every Saturday and every night.

By the beginning of the 20th century, entrepreneurs, like the Armour family (renowned in the meatpacking industry) started constructing permanent properties in the region. In 1920, Abbott Laboratories set up headquarters in adjacent North Chicago, bringing resident engineers and scientists. Up to now, the old redbrick train station, constructed in 1904, serve commuters to and from Chicago.

Lake Bluff played a crucial part during the Prohibition era’s alcohol smuggling. Al Capone, a Chicago crime boss, transported alcohol shipments from Canada, along Lake Michigan to Lake Bluff’s shores, to flood Chicago’s streets.

Area and Climate

Lake Bluff is a town located in Lake County’s Shields Township. It is surrounded by unincorporated Arden Shores (Lake County) and Naval Station Great Lakes to the north, Lake Michigan to the east, unincorporated Knollwood (Lake County) to the west, and Lake Forest to the south.

This town in the Midwest offers a truly wonderful coastal lifestyle. Initially foreseen as a resort shaped after the movement of Eastern Chautauqua in the 19th century that blended recreation, culture and education, Lake Bluff enjoyed vibrant days as a port for alcohol smuggling during the Prohibition era.

Lake Bluff experiences 33 inches of rainfall annually (U.S. median is 37), while snowfall is 37 inches per year (U.S. median is 25). The town gets 190 sunny days per year on average. The lowest temperature is 13° F in January, while the highest is roughly 82° F in July.

Real Estate and Cost of Living

Soaring Queen Annes, earthly Prairie-style residences, expansive Tudor mansions, and welcoming Colonial Revivals blend with simple dwellings that were the original seasonal bungalows of the town. Instead of huge uptown properties separating homeowners from each other, there are family-size homesites just a few steps away from the beach. Those original homesites were 25 feet wide, establishing a tight-knit community where neighbors know one another. Back then, parcels of land cost $250, but they are now a bit more expensive; however, the sense of community in Lake Bluff still remains and get together on the village green during the summer season.

In Lake Bluff, the cost of living index as of March 2012 is 110.7, which is above average, as the U.S. median is 100.

Lifestyle and Things to Do

From downtown Chicago, Lake Bluff can be reached via car in 60 minutes (but it depends on the traffic) or by way of train in 55 minutes. This town offers a serene environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Forested ravines cut back from the coast of Lake Michigan, producing areas of well-tended houses and shaded streets. Homes close to downtown and the beach have nurtured community-oriented homeowners. The town offers sandy Lake Bluff Beach, as well as 7 city parks which consist of an Olympic sized pool and a public golf course.

Both locals and visitors can spend their time swimming at Lake Bluff Beach, strolling along the streets covered with trees, biking along the cycling trails, volunteering to conserve the open lands, and attending afternoon concerts every Sunday or the farmers’ market every Friday on the village green.




  • Walking & Biking
  • Fitness Facility
  • Golf Course
  • Medical Clinics
  • Shopping / Grocery
  • Library
  • Picnic Area
  • Parks & Natural Space


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Property/Community Type : Condo
Golf Facility(Within 10 Mile Radius) : Yes
Coastal Area(Within 10 Mile Radius) : No
Mountain/foot hills area(Within 10 Mile Radius) : No
Lake Property(Within 10 Mile Radius) : No
College Town(College or University Within 15 Mile Radius) : No
Size of Community/Town(25 Mile Radius Estimated) :
Fitness Facility(Within 2 Mile Radius) : Yes

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