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The early people to inhabit Essex were the Nehantic Indians. The place has an abundance of wildlife that includes hawks, bald eagles, beavers, ospreys, deer, and otters, populating the wooded spot along the river. There was an English surveying group that named this part of Saybrook Colony as an ideal place to settle. In 1648, an area was laid out called Potapoug Quarter that included Essex, as well as Deep River and sections of Chester and Winthrop. It was an extremely small village from the beginning, and only the Lays, Pratts and Hides families possessed the land alongside the river.

A community started to surface around the year 1664, but it wasn’t until the year 1772 when the Potapoug Quarter was given permission by the General Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut to create   a Congregational Church that formed a real village. Potapoug Quarter was initially a part of Saybrook and became a town in the year 1852, obtaining the name Essex in the year 1854. In 1859, Centerbrook and Ivoryton had become a part of this town. Until 1871, Essex used to be Saybrook’s major port due to its shipbuilding history. Additionally, it is famous for creating the first battleship of the state in 1774 known as Oliver Cromwell.

Area and Climate

Essex is a small town located in Connecticut River’s west bank, roughly 5 miles over Saybrook Point. It is a premier destination for visiting boaters and people who are looking to discover the area’s maritime connections. The maritime business continues to thrive in Essex in two centuries since, having crews who are becoming more and more popular due to their abilities in maintaining, repairing and fixing yachts of all styles and sizes. In addition, Essex became a well-known tourist spot, with visitors enjoying a delicious meal at Griswold Inn, basking in the place’s old-style appeal and visiting the numerous stores on Main Street. Whether by boat or car, the town is a pleasant destination for those looking to have a more profound connection to the maritime heritage of the country.

The town receives 46” of rain each year, which is higher than the US average of 37”. It receives 32” of snowfall yearly, which is higher than what an average US city receives every year (25”). Essex has 194 sunny days, with July having the highest temperature of about 82 degrees and January having the lowest temperature of 18 degrees.

Real Estate and Cost of Living

The approximate value of a condo or home in 2000 was $229,800 and $433,723 in 2011.

2011’s mean cost for all home units was $545,728, $347,457 for townhomes and attached units, $118,941 for mobile homes, $566,522 for detached homes, $869,187 for 2-unit structures, $553,688 for 3- to 4-unit structures, and $293,940 for 5-unit structures or more.

The town’s cost of living in March 2012 was 342.2, which is extremely high than the US average of 100.

Lifestyle and Things to Do

Essex hosts the Groundhog Day parade that takes place every year. Essex Ed, a huge paper mache groundhog, is brought through the town and has revelers that make noise to awaken him from his sleep and stop the winter. Also, the town supports the Loser’s Day Parade that commemorates the 1814 event of the 29 ships that were burned in the area’s harbor during a British marine attack.

Among the most popular attractions in Essex is the Essex Steam Train, with the main station situated in Centerbrook and the others in Haddam, Deep River and Chester.  The usual ride goes to Deep River, and the Becky Thatcher Riverboat brings passengers to Haddam. From the town, the Essex Clipper Dinner Train goes up to the Haddam region.

Situated on Main Street’s end and on Connecticut River, the Connecticut River Museum is home to several river artifacts, as well as the annually held Connecticut River Eagle Festival.




  • Walking & Biking
  • Fitness Facility
  • Golf Course
  • Medical Clinics
  • Shopping / Grocery
  • Library
  • Picnic Area
  • Parks & Natural Space
  • Kayak & Canoe
  • Marina


  • Great Seafood
  • Art Galleries
  • Shopping
  • Scenic Coastal Drive
  • Biking
  • Walking
  • Beaches
  • Arts & Theature
  • Entertainment & Nightlife
Property/Community Type : Condo
Golf Facility(Within 10 Mile Radius) : Yes
Coastal Area(Within 10 Mile Radius) : Yes
Mountain/foot hills area(Within 10 Mile Radius) : No
Lake Property(Within 10 Mile Radius) : No
College Town(College or University Within 15 Mile Radius) : No
Size of Community/Town(25 Mile Radius Estimated) :
Fitness Facility(Within 2 Mile Radius) : Yes

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