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Before the present time, Santa Catalina Island was dwelled by people of the Tongva/Gabrielino tribe who, having had communities near modern-day Play del Rey and San Pedro, often journeyed back and forth to do trading. The island was called Pimugna or Pimu by the Tongva, and they refer to themselves as the Pimuvit or Pimugnans. Archeological data shows Pimugna community starting in 7,000 B.C. The Pimugnans had villages throughout the island long ago, including the Isthmus (being their largest settlements) and at modern-day Emerald Bay, Avalon and Shark/Little Harbor. The Pimugnans were famous for their soapstone mining, working and trading. This material was discovered in varieties and large quantities on the island and was highly in demand and traded along the coast of California.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, a Spanish explorer, was the first European to set foot on Santa Catalina Island. The island was claimed for Spain on Oct. 7, 1542 and was named San Salvador (after Cabrillo’s ship). More than 50 years later, Sebastian Vizcaino, another Spanish explorer, found the island on Nov. 24, 1602 (Saint Catherine’s Day eve) and renamed it in honor of the saint.

Area and Climate

Santa Catalina Island, usually called Catalina Island, or simply Catalina, is a rock-strewn island off the California coast in the Gulf of Santa Catalina. It is 22 miles long and 8 miles wide. The island is situated approximately 22 miles south-southwest of Los Angeles. Mt. Orizaba is the island’s highest point, at 2,097 feet. Catalina is among the Channel Islands of California archipelago and nestled within Los Angeles County.

Catalina is mainly comprised of 2 unique rock units: intrusive igneous and miocenevolcanic rocks and Catalina Schist from the primitive cretaceous (95 - 109 Mya). The island is abundant in quarts, to the point that a number of seaward side beaches have sand with a silver-grey tone to it. These formations first cropped up on the ocean floor and surfaced by way of tectonic activity, meaning the land mass of Santa Catalina Island was by no means directly linked to mainland California. Other geological aspects that played a part to the topography of the island currently seen include erosion, weathering, tectonic plate movement, metamorphic activity, sedimentation, and further geologic subsidence and uplift.

Santa Catalina Island has an extremely mild subtropical weather with warm temperatures throughout the year. The National Weather Service keeps helpful climate data at the Santa Catalina Airport. The median temperature in January is 47.6 degrees Fahrenheit (minimum) and 58.4 degrees Fahrenheit (maximum). The median temperature in July is 60 degrees Fahrenheit (minimum) and 78.1 degrees Fahrenheit (maximum).

Real Estate and Cost of Living

Upon their stay in Santa Catalina, visitors will quickly find out that properties are hard to come by. Not only are homes expensive, but they are often limited as well. While the price of real estate is currently low than it was a few years ago, home buyers are expected to shell out $1,000,000 and up for a luxury villa or house. Keep in mind that the conservancy group, which is against industrialized development, controls eighty-eight percent of the entire territory.

Lifestyle and Things to Do

Living in Santa Catalina is like living in a tiny paradise. The place is distinguished by free-roaming fauna and free-flowing flora. Within the island, wandering bison can be seen, and exotic birds, like pelicans are all over town. This town is rich on nature watching and tourism. It is a site of scientific wonder as well, considering the evolution seen in certain species.

The resort-like town of Avalon is home to many spa locations. Hotels, like Hotel Metropole and Hotel Catalina are the only ones that offer spa treatments, although there are self-contained spa and massage treatment facilities throughout the area as well. The area’s local business is dominated by stores, restaurants, transportation services, and tourism.




  • Walking & Biking
  • Fitness Facility
  • Golf Course
  • Medical Clinics
  • Shopping / Grocery
  • Library
  • Picnic Area
  • Parks & Natural Space
  • Kayak & Canoe
  • Boating
  • Marina


  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Parasailing
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Parasailing
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Parasailing
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Casino
Property/Community Type : Condo
Golf Facility(Within 10 Mile Radius) : Yes
Coastal Area(Within 10 Mile Radius) : Yes
Mountain/foot hills area(Within 10 Mile Radius) : Yes
Lake Property(Within 10 Mile Radius) : No
College Town(College or University Within 15 Mile Radius) : No
Size of Community/Town(25 Mile Radius Estimated) :
Fitness Facility(Within 2 Mile Radius) : Yes

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